2021 vs 2021 top 5 vehicles (by category)

“Sedikit-sedikit lama-lama jadi bukit” represents muv as the brand that started out as a traditional used vehicles auction house. It is now Malaysia’s largest marketplace for used vehicles for Malaysians to sell or buy used cars.

And as the largest marketplace, we do see some clear favorites being bought and sold within our marketplace.

Are all cars made the same way or is it the one behind the wheel that matters? This is an age-old debate that we will never find the answer for, will we? The Toyota VS Honda VS Nissan enthusiasts can go on for days which MAKE is made better in their opinions.

Here are the Top 5 vehicles being sold, by category, recorded in the year 2020 and 2021 on our platform. 


It wasn’t a surprise to us that Viva and Axia were in the top 5 for the small cars category as it is affordable for fresh graduates and L license gang. Don’t have a car? Apa tunggu lagi? Join the crowd. Be the next owner of one of the top 5 small cars cos these are tried and tested carmakers.  

Can you count how many of your family or friends or neighbors had or are having a MCO-baby? It is a rather real phenomenon-lah. And because of this, many of them are seeking to upsize their vehicles to SUVs. Be a caring family member, friend, or neighbor and show them these Top 5 contenders in the SUVs category so they can bring their big family jalan-jalan cari makan.

Those of you looking to sell or buy your used vehicle, come to muv la. Because muv very steady. We provide inspection and transparent processes to help you along the way.

Check us out at www.muv-x.com

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