2021 vs 2021 top 5 vehicles

It’s been about 2 years since COVID-19 hit us and brought a lot of things to a halt. But that does not mean that we are just sitting around, waiting for things to happen.

muv continues to thrive on creating innovation and cutting-edge consumer-driven experiences to sell and buy used vehicles online. We continued to facilitate multiple buying and selling of used vehicles throughout these two years. Through thick or thin, we are there for you, Malaysia!

And since it will be 2022 in a few weeks, let’s talk about the top 5 bikes and car models we sold in 2020 VS 2021.

HONDA WAVE 125i BLACK really says “a winner never stops trying” as they didn’t give a chance for other brands to surpass their number one spot. Do you think they will be replaced by black horse, the YAMAHA Y16 in 2022?

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Wah, apa ni? Myvi is not even in the Top 3 when we see Myvi after Myvi on the road? Our data says otherwise. Anyway, congrats to Nissan Almera for being the conqueror, numero uno for two years in a row. 

Being the number one, the crowd favourite, the most popular model of used vehicle is one thing.

It is even more important to know what you are getting when you are looking to upgrade your “Lao Zha Boh” (old lady in Hkkien, a term often used to refer to old cars). Look no further. Hit up our website or App to find your next “Sui Char Boh” (pretty girl in Hokkien) with muvVerified badge and 180-point inspection reports.



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