3-day risk-free used car test drive before you buy


Have you ever wanted to drive home a car before deciding to purchase, just to get acquainted with it? Or have you ever regret buying a car that you are using now for not having a chance to get to know it better?


The game-changer is here

Now, for the first time in Malaysia, you can bring home your preferred car for a 3-day test drive (or up to 300km) for free!

Introducing muvone – the first-ever platform in Malaysia to offer 3 days’ test drive for a used vehicle.



A new benchmark in the automotive industry that delivers even more convenience and enjoyment, muvone offers and added advantage for those staying within the Klang Valley area. The car that is booked online for the 3-day test drive can be delivered to your doorstep for free. You just have to book your preferred car online and wait for it to arrive at your requested location, be it at home or even at your workplace.

Test before you commit 

Apart from testing it to see how the vehicle performs and to detect any problems with drivetrain, steering, suspension, brakes and other important systems, muvone allows you to test out your preferred car in the convenience of your own schedule, to fit in with your daily needs – whether the car is the right match to send your kids to school and to travel to your workplace.



It’s totally free 

If you are not happy with the car, you can return it within 3 days (or up to 300km) for a full refund. This is muvone’s aim to elevate the retail purchasing experience to a whole new level in Malaysia automotive industry.

It is the best compromise between the comfort needed for everyday use and the pleasure of the ownership – you can own the ride of your dreams to shelter from the sun and the rain, in order to fulfill your everyday needs with a bump-free ownership journey when all the necessary paperwork is done by muv.


Get our expert’s opinions

Apart from the 3-day Try/Buy offering, you can rest assured that each used car on offer comes with a trusted inspection report. All muvone cars have passed a comprehensive 180-point inspection – the latest illustration of how muvone brings unique expertise into development of its business assurance. All the cars have been thoroughly checked and are always in great condition.


One-stop solution for total convenience 

For added peace of mind, muvone has partnered with several panel banks and Tan Chong Capital Resources Sdn Bhd (TCCR) to offer easy financing facility. With muvone, you can get loan approval as fast as 48 hours, providing pre-requisites are met fast and convenient!


Buying a used car shouldn’t be a headache. From the completely refundable deposit right through to the 3-day Try/Buy happiness guarantee, muvone provides you with complete peace of mind every step of the way. Apart from the customer benefits mentioned, muvone also provides other facilities including:

  • INSURANCE: Enjoy insurance benefits such as 24 hours free towing and road side assist offered through our partner TCIBS
  • TRADE-IN: You can sell your existing car to muvone
  • EXTENDED WARRANTY: You can enjoy a 1 year extended warranty
  • REFURBISHMENT: You can request for refurbishment services from muvone
  • TELEMATICS: Option to subscribe a telematics device for monitoring of driver behaviour, live fleet tracking and monitoring of car maintenance.


Be among the first to book a 3-day Try/Buy via muv’s website at at https://www.muv-x.com/ 


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