4 outfits that you can wear during hari raya

“Selamat aidil fitri

Kepada saudara serta saudari

Setahun hanya sekali

Merayakan hari yang mulia ini”


It is the time of the year again! Still unsure of what to wear for Hari Raya? Do not have a new style to pair with? Don’t worry, we will be sharing you some tips and secrets to rock up in new Raya outfits!


Yellow with white accents

Image Source: Pinterest and Pexels


This is one of the outfits that you could wear during this Raya. With yellow as your main palette, then add on with white/beige accents, you will shine among your relatives/mak cik and friends. It brings out the bright persona in you!

Yellow and white outfit can pair well with a Silver Perodua Alza! Silver gives off a sense of modernity and high tech. In addition, Silver also exudes grace.

So as you strut up to the rumah in your white and yellow outfit with the Silver Perodua Alza as your backdrop, you are bound to catch all your relatives’ eyes and attention. 



Image Source: Lifestyleasia.com


Beige and white is subtle yet, it brings forth a modern and elegant look. Just like what Snow White said, “I’m sure I’ll get along somehow. Everything’s going to be alright.” So indeed, by wearing this colour palette outfit, everything will be alright.

Speaking about the beige or white colour outfits, it pairs nicely with Dark Grey Proton Perdana. This will complement the colour of your outfit but rather it pairs extremely well and brings neutrality to you. Dark Grey balances out your vibe during this Raya!


Blue Grey


Image Source: Shopee Blog


“What is your favourite colour?”. We bet you will answer, ‘Blue!”. So this is it, the blue palette could be your Raya outfit for this year as it shows so much calmness and coolness.

If you are a pretty chill dude, this is for you! Wear your Blues on your sleeve and slide into Raya mood! 

Our Dark Blue Honda BR-V comes in handy to pair with your blue outfit. So this muv car definitely suit up your whole look!



Image source: Zalora Thread

This colour is a classic colour for Raya. So you definitely won’t go wrong with this colour. Moreover, it represents wisdom, tranquillity, protection, good fortune, and hope. With this outfit, let’s hope for an awesome and abundant Hari Raya this year!

Black colour may be a very hot colour as you drive in this weather in Malaysia but fear not, it suits your outfit very well. So get Black Subaru XV from muv today. With black’s personality of power and elegance, you will definitely be a symbol of hope to many!!


Red with black accents

Image Source: Pinterest


If you are a very passionate person, this colour palette is best for you. Red symbolises passion and fire. If someone can pull off such a strong colour, that will be you!

muv’s Red Toyota Vios GX brings out that bold personality of yours. 

All these outfits you can pair nicely with cars found on our listing. For more car options and details, please refer to www.muv-x.com

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