4 tips towards helping you find your dream (used) car — and sniff out any lemons out of your way!

If you’ve read up our Top 5 reasons people hesitate from changing cars post, you probably remember that one of the reasons listed was the fear of landing on a ‘lemon’. We get it! Buying used cars can sometimes mean risky business, with safety being at the top of your list of worries. But, don’t sweat. Here are some things you can do to help sniff out the lemons out of your list of prospects. 


Inspect the vehicle of interest, inside out.

On the exterior, inspect the car with as much detail as you can. Be on the lookout for any major damage to the structure of the car. A few scratches here and there would be normal if there are any so don’t get too worked up on that. Other things you can assess would be the rims, door swing mobility among other things.


Meanwhile, when inspecting the interior of the car, examine the wear and tear condition of the upholstery because reupholstering your car seats can cause a major dent in your savings. So if there is a problem with the car seats, consider that prospect a lemon and get on to the next one.


Taking mileage into consideration.

So the general rule of thumb says that annually a car’s mileage clocks in an average of 20,000km. So when you find out your prospective cars current mileage number, some simple math will generally give you an idea of high – or low – the car’s mileage is. Although, this doesn’t completely determine the health and safety of the car. A car with high mileage can still be a good find if it was well maintained by the previous owner. And a low mileage car could require some reconditioning and repairs due to lack on-the-road use. So factor the mileage into your decision with caution and assess how it is reflected in the overall condition of the car.


Test drive it, and get the feel of things. 

One of the worst decisions you can make before buying any car really, used or new, would be to skip out on the test drive. When test driving a car, listen closely for anything out of the ordinary such as worn out brake pads, unusual engine sounds and so on. Apart from that, trust how you feel when driving the car. While a car can look great and also have great mileage; but, if driving it doesn’t get you closer towards sealing the deal on your new wheels, then you’re probably driving a lemon. Thank u, next.


Having your mechanic inspect it (?)

Normally, this would be the part in the article that tells you to have an ACTUAL mechanic inspect the car… But… not to toot our own horn; when you buy a car from a trustworthy platform like muv, you needn’t worry about this last part because we’ve got you covered… because our 180-point inspection has got your car’s health covered. For full transparency and lesser worry lines, you will receive a complete inspection report from muv to give you the quality assurance.

So nak tunggu apalagi? It’s time to get over your fears and dive into the deep end. We hope these tips will ease your process in finding your dream car BUT! If you want it to get even easier???

Then buy a car from muv je la!

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