5 best places to watch the nye fireworks in kl this year

2019 is coming to a close end with less than a month away left in the year!!! That leads us to New Year’s Eve and what’s better than ending your Year with a “BANG” with watching the amazing fireworks with your loved ones. Here are a few good places that will make your New Years Eve a night to remember.


Jalan Bukit Pantai, Bangsar

Although it is considered one of the busiest roads in Bangsar , there is a spot there that has a breath-taking view of the city skyline and all you have to do is park your car on the side of the road without obstructing the traffic and look for a perfect spot. The most recommended spot would be near Pantai Towers. A little tip of advice leave a little early as all the parking spots are taken up real fast for it’s a hotspot location!


Bukit Tunku

This place would be a perfect place to go on and have an early meal or pack some delicious grub and snacks and park your car at the top of the hill and sit back and enjoy the view of the fireworks in the comfort of your car and ambience, warmth of your family, friends, or partner.


Port Dickson Beach

The beach is the perfect would be an amazing point to watch the fireworks for a change away from the hustle and bustle of the city and at the beach with the soothing sound of the waves and a cool breeze in your hair. Its a quick getaway destination as well as it being a perfect place to unwind and relax, marking the end of your year and the beginning of a new one!


Bukit Permai Cheras

The infamous spot that is dubbed as “Mini Genting Highlands” which is a hilltop lookout point that is settled in the residential area of Cheras has its own charm and beauty of the city skyline. It has less of the hustle and bustle of the big KL city, but there might be a bit of a crowd as the residents of the area might have had the same idea to watch the fireworks from the hilltop view as well.


Vertigo, Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur

The view of the fireworks above the KL skyline is one of the most breath-taking views and were else to go other than Vertigo as it is on the 59th floor of the Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur. With an open air rooftop bar and an unbelievable view of the capital lets you see the fireworks in great detail and all its beauty and glory. So what are you waiting for ? Put on your best outfits for the new year and jam out the the guest DJ’s sick tunes!

Now these places are pretty great to hit up this upcoming New Year’s Eve but if you guys have any more interesting ones to share, sound off below and share the love with us all!!

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