5 things to bring when you are about to balik kampung

Are you worried about what to prepare and what to bring when you are going to go home for the Raya festivities?

What if you over pack or worse still, you forgot this and that? You’d hate to turn back to grab those stuff you cannot live without once you’ve hit the highway right? We got-chu on that.

Here’s a quick list of stuff you should bring:


Your gadgets

Don’t leave your gadgets like phone, tablet, headphones, phone chargers etc behind. These are technically your first on the list. In the midst of all that chaos and juggling so many things at the same time, we sometimes forget the most basic of the essentials. 


Your clothes that will have you covered throughout the length of your stay.

Plan and pack your outfits around all the major activities first. You can start by working around the meals of the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) then slowly think of the possibilities of changing outfits for all the other activities.

For example, if you know your Atuk would love it if you’d spend the morning with him walking down his kebun, rock up in your very own bright rubber boots, long sleeve shirt and that fancy straw hat to show Atuk that you’re as excited as he is to go on a small adventure in his beloved garden patch!


Your toiletries

Don’t forget your top essentials, such as a toothbrush, towels, and shampoos. You wouldn’t want to brush your teeth with your fingers that night or shiver to death because you forget your towels after showering.


Your soft-toys aka. plushie/bestfriend

This is quite important especially if you couldn’t sleep well in the car/vehicles (if you are a passenger) or in a bed none other than your very own.

This essential thing accompanies you to sleep and rest, yes, it includes being your companion (if you are the only child). So remember to bring your bantal busuk, chou chou, bear bear along with you!

Show your Nenek that you are nostalgic about your childhood!


Your car from muv

Last but not least, don’t forget your car. Make sure the ride that is going to ferry you and your loved ones back to kampung is in tip-top condition. Bring it in for a service to check everything through.

Or if you are thinking of upgrading your ride for the comfort of your family, get your new balik kampung ride today from muv! For more details, please refer to  www.muv-x.com

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