5 things you can do while being stuck in traffic

Malaysia and traffic jams are almost synonymous especially if you live in the Klang Valley area. Whether it’s during the peak hour, people going to “balik-kampung’, an accident or the typical VIP convoy escort causing the congestion, getting stuck in traffic is the rite of passage for all Malaysian drivers out there.

One thing’s for sure is that traffic jams can get a little boring, and it is probably one of those times you wished you had subscribed to Spotify and YouTube premium to avoid listening to all those OctaFX advertisements.

At MUV, we got your back, here’s 5 things you can do while being stuck in traffic. However, the last thing we want is a distracted driver. Hopefully this list will help better your traffic experience.

Car Karaoke

Whether you listen to Baby Shark, P.Ramlee or BTS, listening and singing along to your favorite tunes will help you to pass time in traffic and put you in a good mood! Just make sure you don’t wind down your windows.

Check WAZE

As with everything, safety is the number one priority. Checking Waze or Google maps will tell you the estimated traffic time and alternatively provide other routes as well as provide alerts on any oncoming accidents.

Make the person in the car with you laugh.

This tip is much easier and better with a buddy. If you have a person next to you, try to make them laugh or start a conversation. Time flies by faster when you’re having a good conversation. If you’re alone, dial up your BFF or family member and put them on speaker for a catch up.

Switch it up to Podcasts

Listening to music might be your go-to option but try to switch it up by listening to a podcast. There is a wide array of podcasts out there in genres ranging from comedy, philosophy, to business. Who knows you might find one that you absolutely love and can’t get enough of.


Eat in the car

Have snacks or tidbits laying in your car while you’re stuck in traffic. This will boost your energy levels and keep you up for the long traffic wait. The worst thing is to be starving and #hangry while being stuck in traffic. Just remember to throw the trash out once you reach home.

With all these tips in your hands, hopefully you have a more pleasant or at least a decent experience the next time you find yourself stuck in a traffic jam. The most important thing of all is to pay attention to traffic around you because safety is the number one priority.

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