5 things only malaysians who ‘balik kampung’ for chinese new year by car can relate to

It is that time of the year again! Where most of us will be heading back to our ‘kampung’ and enjoying those sinfully delicious Chinese New Year treats!

But for all of us who balik kampung by car, here are some of the things, or mostly struggles we have to go through 😀


1. Waking up and departing from your home at an ungodly hour just to avoid the traffic jam



And we always want to continue snoozing in the car, and avoid being the driver! Oh yes, can you relate?


2. But once you miss the super early morning, you will be greeted by the standstill traffic 

And crawl through the ocean of cars.  Well, hello 10-hour traffic jam!


3. When all the radio stations keep playing the same song over and over again

Even worse is the same loud festive Chinese New Year songs!



4. Getting butt cramps from the long journey

Sitting in that cramped space for hours is definitely a struggle yet a blessing in disguise when you reach your hometown and meet your loved ones just to get together! So much love! <3



5. Of course, we must not forget the car karaoke sessions! Who wouldn’t love this?

So, how do you have a good road trip? A car full of family members or friends, and some funny moments to fill the gap along the journey – car karaoke session!



Have a safe journey to your hometown & HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! From all of us at MUV!


*Photos and videos are courtesy of Google Image Search


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