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You ain’t driven on an actual road yet till you’ve driven on a Malaysian road. A: The traffic is horrible. B: The road sometimes even sometimes needs more roadwork. And C: The drivers… Nah, nah we are not throwing any shade towards any Malaysian drivers. After all we ourselves also consider Malaysian drivers-lah.


And as Malaysian drivers, we have all developed a few common habits or so whilst driving on the road. From tailgaters, to lane-changers and those drivers who like to play with phone type while driving, here are the 5 most common types of Malaysian drivers you’ll encounter on the road. Which one are you? Let’s run it down!


The Accident News Reporter

Whenever accidents occur on Malaysian roads, it truly is a sad thing. Sometimes, they’re caused by huge accidents to little fender benders. But no matter how major the accident may be. You will always see those few fellas la slowly driving by the accident site. Macam reporting news like that, and most importantly, causing way more congestion…


In 2014, JPJ urged Malaysian social media users to submit clear photos and details of drivers who use the emergency lane for the purpose of publicly shaming them on Facebook

The ‘Every Lane is the Fast Lane’ Driver

Be it the highway, or even just a narrow simpang, where there is more than one lane on road, there goes the fella that like to tukar lane-lane at high speed like nobody’s business. What makes it even worse sometimes is that they totally avoid using signals at all. We all need to get to places fast, but safety first folks!


The Five Bad Habits of Malaysian Drivers – SevenPie.com: Because Everyone Has A Story To Tell

The Double Parkers (Especially yang tak leave contact number type)

Banks, kopitiams, shop lots, office area… the list goes on. And honestly in most instances, double parkers are usually pretty fast and considerate of them double parking you… but! When they park there for so long and don’t even have the courtesy to leave a contact number. Cue: Frustration.


Texting & Driving, Vehicle Accident Attorney St. Louis

The Texter

There’s not really much to say about these fellas even though they know la that texting and driving shouldn’t happen concurrently. And when you’re at a traffic light the driver in front doesn’t move when it turns green: confirm tengah main phone.


Living In Malaysia: Dream or Nightmare? | mm2h

The Tukang Cucuk

Driving in front of a tailgater is an uncomfortable experience. There will be times where you will find yourself almost literally being cucuk from the car behind you. It’s pressuring and most importantly, can cause accidents if you just happen to have had to emergency brake outta nowhere. Don’t forget to maintain  Jarak 2-saat an 4-saat that you learned zaman belajar Undang dulu.


Infografik JKJR - Jaga Jarak Anda

Jabatan Keselamatan Jalan Raya Malaysia




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