5 unusual items to keep in your car

Everyone knows that carrying jumper cables and tyre changing tools in their cars are very important.

However, there are other things that you  will never come across of their importance to be in your car. You will be surprised when you get to know that they actually deserved a place in your car. These things could quickly get you back on the road, or even save your life!



Believe us, it is great for everything and anything. From temporary auto repairs, to roadside first aid, duct tape is a no-brainer. Seriously, duct tape is the rock star of your car emergency kit.




There are some serious collisions and accidents when the victims had been killed in their vehicle, not by an impact but through their vehicle being flooded when immersed in water. In these life threatening situations, a window breaker would have been a vital tool for one to escape without fatality.

As well as a built-in a hammer, many glass breakers also incorporate other survival tools such as a seat-belt cutter. This will enable you to free yourself and others quickly. Another example is a flashlight that will aid vision in the dark or provide you with the means to signal for help.

But remember to put it in your dashboard, not in the car boot!




What choice do you have when nature calls while driving? You can try urination device during that ’emergency’.





What to do if your car break down in the middle of the the road due to empty fuel and you have no storage for emergency petrol fuel!?, Yes you could use an empty PET bottle but a 1.5 L is the minimum essential required for a short drive. Well, a storage in your car boot could save you!




During the night, when your car breaks down and you had to pop the hood to take a look inside, often that not it is probably too dark to see what is wrong. The car lights might be working, but trust us, it is still too dark to focus the light on particularly tight areas in the engine boot. Thus, flashlight is an essential! The flashlight would also help you to alert other drivers especially when your car is stopped at the road side.



On top of the tyre changing tool, jumper cable, first aid kit and etc, these are definitely great add-ons to your car essentials. Go check your car now and think of the items that will make riding in your car so much better!


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