A 5000-kilometre road trip to vietnam with proton saga

Adventurous and patriotic at heart, Jeremy’s dream was to drive Malaysia’s first car – the infamous Proton Saga from Malaysia to Vietnam. Today, this car is considered a classic and finding a good condition and (hopefully) reliable 1st generation Proton Saga is quite a challenge in itself!

Fortunately in June 2018, it was a dream come true when Jeremy was able to get a good condition 1.3 litre Proton Saga from (where else but) MUV! Thus he was able to embark on his dream trip in July 2018  with his travel buddy, Tam.



The journey would be challenging, especially since it requires the 22-year-old car to traverse 5,000 KMs originating from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia all the way to Vietnam. Much research was done but it was difficult to predict what to expect when it comes to driving a seasoned car like this on such a long trip covering so many countries at that!



Resilience is a hard thing to come by these days, but for Jeremy and Tam, failure was not going to be an option. No matter the amount of challenges – it was all about getting to Vietnam from Malaysia and that would be the sole target!



As part of the journey, Jeremy and Tam wants to share their adventure with fun videos. And the person who inspired them? Our 7th Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed! But why Tun Mahathir?

“At the age of 93, what gives him that drive to keep on going? And does age really matter?

“We’re not journalists but just two Malaysians from Sarawak who had the crazy idea to combine the love of our country with long distance road trip.



“Instead of scoring an interview to ask Tun M what drives him to get up everyday to fight for the country, we are going to take the first national car, Proton Saga, the car that Tun M very passionately launched back in 1985, which has been in service for around 22 years – which is about the same amount he has been in office.



“We’re going to see its feistiness, resiliency and reliability that is in that classic Malaysian icon. And to do that, of course we’re going to drive it to Vietnam!,” said Jeremy.



Do you think that Jeremy’s Proton Saga made it to the Vietnam? Do check out Jeremy’s Youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/JeremyToh/ to watch his inspiring journey!


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