Balik kampung hacks to make your travel journey more exciting for you and the fam!

Oh we know very well that the CNY balik kampung is gonna be another long stretch for all your roadtrippin’ folks who may very be already on the way there.

Whether you’ve headed back, on the way back, or still never go back yet ah, here are some Balik Kampung Hacks to make your travel journey more exciting for you and the fam!


  1. Plan to visit landmarks or interesting sites on the way!

Before taking off on your road trip, do a little research on some interesting sites that are along the way of your journey and make a pit stop there. There might be something that may intrigue you and help create great memories with your loved ones!



  1. The license plate game

In this game, you have to be alert and keep track of what car passes by. Each licence plate is from a different state. So what you should do is keep a list of the car plates that you see and before you take of for your trip, print out a map of Malaysia and check off the states when you see a vehicle with that number plate.



  1. 20 Questions!

This game is a classic oldies whereby a player thinks of a object that comes to their mind , in return the other players are given a chance to ask one question at a time to try and figure out and guess what the object is, however the limit to the questions is only 20, so if by the end of the 20 questions the players cannot guess the object, then the player who chose the object wins the game.

  1. Good old fashioned “I SPY”

This has a been a game that everyone has played during their childhood and some adults even to pass the time. It is a fun game that anyone can play anywhere at anytime! Someone has to start the game by choosing and object that they see around them let it be an object in the car, the road signs or if you are in your home or hotel room. A person starts the game off by telling the colour, or the first letter of the object and says “I spy something with my little eyes something that is “red” or “starts with the letter “H” and the other players have to look around and start guessing what the object could be. Who ever who names the correct object gets to pick an object to guess in the next round.


















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