The best entry level vehicles – for beginner drivers!.

Your first car, or at last your first few cars often times leave you with the fondest of memories. After all it is your FIRST, and it may also mark key milestones in your life such as your first date with your spouse, your child’s first car ride or your first road trip with your friends.


With that being said, choosing the right car the first time round is crucial cause you don’t want to end up with a lemon. However, that doesn’t mean you have to take a huge dent to your bank account. Here are some newer car options that doesn’t sacrifice quality while still being economically efficient! 


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  • Perodua Bezza


When we talk about Perodua cars, not many come as  iconic as their Myvis but for their recent releases, this homegrown brand seems to be showing no signs of stopping with the drop of their latest Perodua Bezzas. Recreating all the things we love about the Myvi with a more futuristic and sleek sedan design, the Bezza is everything you want in a car and more. Not to mention the value-add on technology that comes a long with the specifications of this vehicle.. 


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  • Proton Saga


The new Proton Saga delivers quality at an even more attractive price. Hot on the heels of Proton’s post-X70 era, this world renowned brand new that as much as their new technology is being catered to SUV lovers everywhere, they needed a more economical option that packs a punch in line with the current spectrum of their innovative approach to vehicles.. Compact and efficient, the Proton Saga for sure makes for an impressive first car choice.


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  • Kia Picanto


Winner of the Interbrand Best Global Brands 2018, Kia has proven its worth in the global community, despite only bagging less than 20 years being out in the market. Playing true to their slogan, ‘The Power to Surprise’, the ALL-NEW Kia Picanto GT Line delivers power and precision more than it has with earlier models. Designed structurally with Advanced High-Strength Steel (AHSS) and Hot-Stamped Steel, the all new model is the compact that hits the ground running with efficiency and reliability in its engines and transmissions.


Now, now we’re saying your first should be tied exclusively to these three models, but here at muv, we try to make your lives a little easier by offering you sound advice. And you can even find some of these cars pre owned at muv too! Hehehe.


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