Does your car come with a blind spot detection system?

Being aware of your surrounding while driving should be an active process of thinking at all times. While we are reminded countless time a day to buckle our safety belt, one of the things that many drivers forget to check in lieu of mirrors is the blind spot.



The blind spot is a very important component of driving. Anything that you do not have a direct view of is considered a blind spot. Accidents can and do happen at any time of the day under any circumstances. And many instances are due to one driver not seeing the other vehicle. The results, more often than not, can be fatal.


While most modern cars come equipped with cameras and proximity detectors, old cars do not. This safety feature helps to reduce crashes by improving visibility but not everyone can afford a car with such capabilities. However, here we present a list of affordable cars that come with the technical advancement for your consideration.


The Ford Focus is an affordable compact car available in sedan and hatchback body styles. The blind spot warning system is an optional feature on the 2016’s model.


The 2015 Kia Optima effectively combines modern styling, superior class, and a fun driving experience to be an anomaly in the four-door sedan class. Its Blind Spot Detection System gives you warning lights in your mirrors when an object is detected in your blind spot.


The Hyundai Genesis is a midsize sedan that offers no shortage of high-end safety functions. The equipment list for its 2016’s model includes a blind spot warning system as an optional feature.


Be it a sedan or a hatchback, both versions of the Mazda 3 comes with a blind spot warning system. It is an add-on feature for the 2016 model year, along with several other safety features.


The Toyota Camry XLE is a loaded sedan with top-notch safety features. However, a blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert system is optional for the model. And traditionally been known for its comfort and quietness, those traits are fortunately still abundantly present.


Technology is a wonderful thing, especially when your safety is concerned. But here is a reality check, guys. When merging onto a busy highway, your blind spot monitoring system may fail you as it may have the difficulty detecting fast-moving vehicles. Thus, to make sure you reduce the chances of crashing into a car, a pedestrian or cyclist that may be in your lane, please remember to check your blind spot.


Our team at MUV urge that you be a responsible citizen by taking all safety measurements on the road seriously. Whether you are a new driver, a professional or a stunt person, there is an abundance of things you need to remember before revving your engine.


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