Car trivia: how did the ford mustang got its name?

1963 Ford Mustang


The decision to go with Mustang came in late 1963. However, as part of the security effort around the project, various design models and prototypes carried other names until early 1964. The most reasonable explanation for the name, however, was that John Najjar, the designer on the project, drew inspiration from the P-51 Mustang, a World War II-era fighter.


The name was initially rejected because the leaders at Ford did not want it to sound like an aeroplane. Najjar then pitched the name again as a type of horse, which everyone loved and the leadership team endorsed it. This also became the basis for the now-famous Mustang emblem.


However, according to Lee Iacocca, there was a trend of naming cars after animals. An advertising consultant gave them a list of mostly animal names for the car and Mustang was one of them. According to Ford Motor Company, a wide range of names was considered and used on the various design proposals, including Cougar, Torino, Allegro, Avventura and even Thunderbird II.


The Mustang is generally considered the first “pony car” introduced in 1964. It was designed to be more compact and more affordable than the larger muscle cars that inspired them. It was reported to be the most successful product launch in automotive history.


2015 Ford Mustang


Early versions of the Ford Mustang are highly collectable today. And the 2015 Mustang marks the 50th anniversary of continuous Mustang production, since 1964. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Ford Mustang line of vehicles, a total of 1964 units of a version of 2015 Ford Mustang GT Coupé with performance pack and either a manual or automatic transmission were made.


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