Car trivia: meet the car-eating bird


The Keas are loved by many and hated by some. They would happily steal clothing, building supplies, or any rubber they can get their grubby beaks on. And they are apparently even smarter than their widespread reputation as thieves and vandals suggest.


Such behaviour has gotten them into trouble in the past. They were hunted by farmers who see them as pests. They were believed to have killed sheep and lambs. Today, they are also known for their fondness for eating cars – or vandalising them. They have been caught causing havoc with the rubber trim on cars. In fact, a team of about five can strip a car in around an hour. Check out the video below to see if for yourself!



The Kea is the world’s only alpine parrot residing in the mountains of New Zealand’s south island. It is famous for its trademark curiosity and inquisitiveness that enable them to source new food sources in a challenging landscape.


Sadly, while they play an important part of New Zealand’s tourism industry, the legendary bandits of the mountains are now under threat of extinction due to threats from non-native predators and human development.



Kea – the feisty parrot

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