Road trip time!!!!

5 Songs to Sing-Along with your Fam Bam Nothing beats that feeling of excitement when road tripping with your fam bam. Here are some of the songs for you and your family when you are heading to that Cuti-cuti Malaysia! Guarantee everyone will be singing along!       Shake It Off by Taylor Swift… read more

Foodies paradise guide to northbound foods!

Food! Food! Food! Any road trip is not complete without food hunting! May it be an aesthetic cafe, historical kopitiam, or just a plain ol’ restaurant with some effing good food.  Let’s see where should we eat northbound:    Cameron Highlands Restaurant Tringkap This restaurant is your typical Malaysian restaurant with its plastic chairs, and… read more

Let’s head south!

Take your car for a tour around Malaysia.   Let’s head South! One of the best ways to truly experience Malaysian culture is going on more road trips!  Let’s see what our beloved Malaysia has to offer: Seremban Only one hour’s journey from the heart of Kuala Lumpur, you will reach Seremban, the underrated foodie… read more

Can inter-state travel already? roadtrip!

International travel seems like such a far-fetched idea, but no worries, ‘kita Cuti – cuti Malaysia-lah’, and what is road tripping around Malaysia without experiencing those scenic long drives right?    Here are some suggestions if you’re heading North:  Cameron Highlands Escape from the heat of Kuala Lumpur, and take a trip to Cameron Highlands… read more

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