Top 5 things to do before you balik-kampung

  Lock up everything before you leave   Make sure your house alarm, surveillance equipment and locks are all in working condition! After all, you’d want to have the peace-of-mind of being away, knowing that your house is safe right? What you can do is to assign one or two of your family members to… read more

Let’s head south!

Take your car for a tour around Malaysia.   Let’s head South! One of the best ways to truly experience Malaysian culture is going on more road trips!  Let’s see what our beloved Malaysia has to offer: Seremban Only one hour’s journey from the heart of Kuala Lumpur, you will reach Seremban, the underrated foodie… read more

Getting into the right headspace for 2021

There’s no time quite like the start of a brand new year to take control back of your life; to get that home office organised once and for all, to start those hobbies you’ve always dreamed about, to stop procrastinating and work towards progressing in your career or growing your business to the next level… read more

The new normal: getting back into the groove of things

For the longest time and before March 18, 2020, Malaysians lived normal lives as it has always been. Lepak-ing at the malls (almost every weekend), watching movies, strolling in the park at sunset are some of the things that were normal. In fact, a lot of people indulge in these normal activities; almost as if… read more

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