Getting into the right headspace for 2021

There’s no time quite like the start of a brand new year to take control back of your life; to get that home office organised once and for all, to start those hobbies you’ve always dreamed about, to stop procrastinating and work towards progressing in your career or growing your business to the next level… read more

The new normal: getting back into the groove of things

For the longest time and before March 18, 2020, Malaysians lived normal lives as it has always been. Lepak-ing at the malls (almost every weekend), watching movies, strolling in the park at sunset are some of the things that were normal. In fact, a lot of people indulge in these normal activities; almost as if… read more

How to keep your vehicle a covid-19 free zone!

Nowadays with COVID-19 outbreak being a major concern across all industries worldwide, everybody is doing their due diligence in ensuring that they practice cleanliness, whether at home or in the workplace.   But don’t la forget that OTHER place you and your family, spend a lot of time in also. Which is your car!  … read more

Selling your car via muvbid – kenali siti

I think by this time kan, you all semua mesti dah pernah dengar tentang muvbid right?? Well for those you tak sure lagi apa tu muvbid, muvbid is Malaysia largest and FIRST 24/7 Self-Listing Vehicle Bidding Platform! Maksudnya, dengan muvbid ni, kalau korang nak beli kereta ke, you guys can bid for any car of… read more

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