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A motorist ideally is expected to know basic traffic rules and regulations. And Malaysians should be somewhat versed with the Road Transport Act 1987 (Malay: Akta Pengangkutan Jalan 1987).


But more often than not, you will find your car slapped with a parking summon! One fine day, you may have exceeded the speed limit and fetch yourself a traffic summon.



You may not realised that you have actually violated the traffic law until you are blacklisted by the respective agencies and barred from renewing your road tax.


Fret not. Life has been made easier for you now with the mySMS 15888 service which allows you to check your summons anytime, anywhere on your mobile phone.


The mySMS 15888 service is provided by a Malaysian premium content provider in the mobile service industry – DAPAT Vista. It is part of the government’s initiative to enhance its communication channels with a unique shortcode – 15888. With this, information retrieval is made easy, concise and instant.


Do note that each SMS will be charged RM 0.20 cents.


To check your summons via the mySMS 15888 service, here are the simple steps to follow:



Type: POLIS <space> SAMAN <space> NRIC or Vehicle NO on your phone and send to 15888.

Example: POLIS SAMAN 860111526543 or POLIS SAMAN AHA3341


For more detailed information, type the message as follows:

POLIS <space> SAMAN <space> NRIC or Vehicle NO <space> [email] and send to 32728. The detailed summons will be sent to the email address that you provide.

Example: POLIS SAMAN 860111526543 [email protected]



Type: JPJ <space> SAMAN <space> NRIC on your phone and send to 15888.

Example: JPJ SAMAN 860111526543

Alternatively, one can also check their summons via the following portals:
EG Services
RILEK e-Services


Have you paid all your traffic summons? Be a responsible citizen and pay your outstanding summons now.


This community message is brought to you by MUV. We hope you drive with a peace of mind. Stay tuned for more updates.




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