Cool car accessories with functional features you never knew you needed!

Be it a punny window sticker, the classic rear-view mirror hanging fuzzy dice or a motion sensor car phone holder, car accessories have always been a way to spruce up your car without having to trick it out with mods and such like that.

Usually car accessories were featured mainly for aesthetic purposes only to give the car a little character identity that is a reflection of the owners’ own or to make the car space feel like their own safe haven (because you do spend a lot of time in the car during jams).

However, with brands developing car accessories that not only look cool but also serves a purpose, here are some cool accessories you can add into your car for a little re-up!


Trapo Car Mats

Now, we’re not saying you NEED this item per say. But for those who are super careful about the cleanliness of their car, particularly their car mats. This thing traps dust, dirt, mud, is resistant to water and easy to clean. Means you need to mafan your passengers dust their shoes off every time they enter your car. They are designed based on your car model so the fit and measurements of the mats are not something you have to be concerned about. They even have mats for your door side pockets as well!!



Bestrix 360 Magnetic Car Holder

This magnetic car holder gives you aesthetic, function and it doesn’t require use to stick any nonsense over your dashboard surface. Small, Portable, Strong – giving your air vent a unique and luxurious look and an easy 360° rotation of your phone display. Plus, you can plug it in and out if you need to very easily.



Xiaomi Mijia Dashcam

With all the road accidents happening these days, it is not surprising if you are looking for a dash cam to keep yourself safe. The XiaoMi Yi Dash Cam is perfect for you if you are looking for a quality dash cam without breaking the bank.

Recording in full HD with a wide angle of 165 degrees, it can easily record everything that is going on. It can also record audio crystal clear.



Ztylus Stinger USB Car Emergency Tool

In plain sight, this looks just like any other USB car charger.Take a closer look at it and you’ll see that a cool (and important) feature allows it to also function as a safety tool during emergencies. 

Nobody wants to be in a car accident, but you can’t predict a car accident. The Ztylus Stinger is a device you would want to have in times like these. It is built to shatter the glass of your vehicle, letting you escape if your car doors or windows are unable to open. You can also use its blade to cut through your seat belt if you find yourself stuck during an emergency. Cause let’s be honest here: we are not built like The Rock, we cannot kick the windshield and shatter like how he broke his HOUSE GATE.


Now let the online shopping commence!


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