Covid-19 & mco: liquidity is key. practice #stayhome. sell your car via muvbid.

Malaysia is now in the state of restrictive movement with the Movement Control Order (MCO) in place; due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So what exactly does this post-MCO world look like and how will affect any prior plans you might have had to sell your car? 

With the undeniable amount of uncertainties looming from the effects of Covid-19, people are looking to hold more cash on hand. Halting unnecessary expenditure and resorting to thrifty shopping patterns for essentials are some of the many ways of doing so. 

Unfortunate, yes. But we have and will go through this. 

So the question now is – how do you cash in on assets, cars or properties? Of the two, the one with a faster liquidity turnaround is definitely a car. 

This might seem like a panic sell type of move; but, it is rather more of an alternative to increase cash inflow. To some, having an additional vehicle during such a time would be deemed a luxury. Hence, resorting to selling your spare car might not be that bad of an idea.

With the government calling a moratorium on current loans, Malaysians can exhale a sigh of relief. Outstanding commitments would not be such a burden for now. But offloading your extra vehicle further lessens your worry about maintaining it and gives your household finances extra room.

You might say you are stuck at home and cannot go to the dealership to get this sorted, right?

How can you quickly and conveniently get your car assessed? So, you can have one less matter to worry about. 

The answer is muvbid.

Staying attuned to the need for convenience and reliability among Malaysians right now, muvbid presents itself as the solution for your vehicle listing needs.

Even throughout the MCO, our platform remains 24/7 online with daily bids going on our listings. Seller could easily list the vehicles themselves while they #stayhome and just wait for buyers to bid on their vehicle.

Having bidding options from multiple buyers allows you to properly assess your vehicle’s market value and helps you make the right decision. Once you have a buyer, ownership, paperwork and all the nitty gritty details are taken care of by us. You just need to surrender your vehicle at our hub and that’s it.

While the post-MCO world may be looking a little bleak, trust that muv is here to help ease any concerns or doubts you may have about selling your vehicle.

Pro-tips from muv:

  • Good time to cash out and have more cash in hand rather than another vehicle to maintain and support.
  • Moratoriums on existing commitments, but more cash in hand always helps with families and households. Not the time to hold too much debt.
  • Prices for vehicles now may be a bit soft due to financial and business slowdowns especially in the automotive market.
  • 6-month moratorium from banks and tighter financing would affect buyers, thus this would be more of a time to sell at the best available pricing option. Highest bid could be a good way to sell.

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