Covid-19 & mco: with tough financing, muv’s here to help you ease your worries. buy via bidding on muvbid!

One key takeaway that can be observed from the Movement Control Order (MCO) period is that the need for vehicles, evidently, has never changed no matter what the circumstances may be. 

The essential errands such as grocery runs, healthcare and such still require a safe and secure mode of transportation. In fact, cars may even be more needed now for greater mobility and security.

However, while one may want to buy a car, actually attaining one whilst still in a pandemic-laden situation may just be a little harder.

Buying a car can be a taxing process. Countless hours of flipping through catalogues and long queues at the bank; not to mention the outrageous pro-longed turnaround time. 

With muvbid, buying a car could not be any easier. Imagine a streamlined end-to-end service to help you get the car of your dreams. With muvbid, yes you can.

muvbid is here to help you out with the buying process to ensure it is hassle-free and most importantly, reliable. However, there might be a few questions lingering in your mind, causing you to think twice. 

And here comes the hard part… financing. With moratoriums on loan repayments in place for the next 6 months, getting financial assistance from banks would no longer be easy.

Fret not, with muvbid, lies a platform for you to apply for financing with an interest rate in your favour. With the ongoing restriction order, we are able to assist you in certifying and process your car loans via credible credit sources. 

Should you have trouble looking for one, we have the right tools to assist you; utilising services from the likes of credit companies such as TCCR, Chailease, AEON Credit Service to further speed up the process.

Perhaps now is not the time for a brand new car. But a used car with assured quality that has been verified by a reliable platform such as muv will give you the peace-of-mind?

With muvbid, the platform allows you to afford buying with flexible pricing and guaranteed assistance all round, including car inspections, paperwork processing and everything you may loathe about the buying process.

Worried about finances and security? muvbid is a transparent and trustworthy avenue that will discount your worries for you.

Come to, check out muvbid; and we’ll get it sorted.

 Pro-tips from muv:

  • Financing now will be tight for buying vehicles, especially if your financing commitments are already high. Existing Loans and Commitments (Moratorium – deferments for 6 months), so if you really need to spend, get a car well within means, look for used car options.
  • Consideration must be made to also include credit companies for financing options, e.g. TCCR, Chailease, AEON Credit Services may be good alternatives.
  • Get the available financing you can get, approvals will not be as easy as pre-MCO.

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