Don’t forget to show your car some love during this fmco!

Even though you may not be able to move around much because of FMCO, meaning you probably don’t drive out as much, properly maintaining your car is the key to keeping it in top condition. It can also help ensure your safety, the safety of your passengers and your fellow drivers on the road. Here are some ways that you can keep your car in good shape. 


Inspect and maintain tires

Knowing how to maintain your car’s tire pressure can help reduce wear on the tyres and it helps ensure you’re getting good gas mileage. Even if you’re not using your car much, tyre pressure does get depleted. So, don’t wait until the very last minute to check out your tyre pressure. Remember that most petrol stations are no longer operating 24/7. So make sure you take your vehicle out to the petrol station every now and then to check on tyre pressure.  A flat tire is a hazard that can be dangerous to you and your car. 


Test the lights

A broken or burnt-out bulb is a safety hazard. Make sure you routinely check out the lights of your car to see if it’s the bulb or fuse that needs to be replaced. 


Check the fluids

There are several fluids that should be kept at appropriate levels to help keep your car running properly. The parts that you should check are the engine oil, coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid. A leak in any of these fluids can affect the way your car drives. If you are not sure on how to check these, once it is more convenient to move around and about, you can always send your car to muv hubs and we will check everything for you. 


Regular Checkups

Some routine car care tasks can be done at home, but others require trained technicians. If you have bought a vehicle from us, do check in with us about our service and maintenance packages. For more details, please refer to

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