Easy easy easy, end-to-end services with muv!

Whether you’re selling a car, or buying a car, one of the biggest concerns that comes with it is the hassle of it all.

From paperwork, inspections, financing, insurance and all that jazz, the car selling and buying process can be a real thorn in one’s side

If only there was a such a thing as a one stop hub where you could get it all done with ease and convenience. Oh wait… there’s muv!


With muv, selling a car is no problem. You log onto muv, register, list on muvbid, then wait je la for you car to start getting bids!


Want to buy a car? Lagi la senang. Kena log onto website and start bidding je.


Now what about financing?? And insurance??? Nak risau apa.. muvhp and muvinsure kan ada! We’ll help you process your financing and insurance through our channels and get you the best of the best..


See, from start to finish. End-to-end. muv’s got your back!

Get started today! >>>  muv-x.com/what-is-muvbid/  

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