First time car servicing – what to expect

Getting your very own first car is extremely exciting. You basically have the freedom to go wherever you want to and whenever you want to. It gives you a sense of achievement; a ‘goal unlocked’ moment, so to say.

But as Peter Parker (aka Spiderman) would put it, with great power, comes great responsibility…

Car maintenance is an extremely important concept that young and first-time car owners need to practice.

Now, now we’re not claiming you need to be an A-to-Z expert on all things car related. But it is important to have some idea of what the standard car servicing entails, especially the first few times around. 


Knowing when you ACTUALLY need to service

First thing’s first: you have to figure out when you should and need to service your car. Check the manufacturer’s manual to see what is the recommendation in terms of how often or at which mileage checkpoint you need to service your car. This is basic information that anyone can source out! The first step is so simple amirite??


Choosing the right service centre

With used cars or pre-owned cars, official service centres may not be something that you have the luxury to service your car at. So the best thing you can do for your car (and your bank account) is to find the right service centre for YOU! A good service centre is very straightforward with no funny business at play. All they wanna do is provide you with the best service your car needs. One way you can identify good service centres would be through word of mouth. Ask your friends, your parents, or EVEN your next door neighbour!


Expect these areas of servicing

  1. Engine oil change – The standard of car servicing. Be sure you get this changed on time!
  2. Wiper blades – Nobody likes those annoying squeaks wiper blades make when they get worn out.
  3. Worn down brake pads – don’t take a chance on your rotors warping please…
  4. Tyre rotation, alignment, the works… – The worst possible scenario is that your tyre treads have been absolutely worn out, which can lead to accidents!


Needless to say, every step is a learning curb. When getting your car serviced, be sure to ask questions, be inquisitive because it is important to know the functionality of your car to ensure that your first car stays with you for a VERY long time

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