First time insuring – what to expect

First-time drivers have a lot to learn before taking off on the road to freedom. Car insurance may not be the first thing a new driver thinks about, but it is very important.


What are the different types of car insurance?

Before you decide what type of car insurance you want to purchase, you need to know the different types of policies available in the market. The three main categories of car insurance are:

  1. Third party
  2. Third party, fire and theft
  3. Comprehensive cover


Shop Around

Get quotes from different insurance carriers to help determine which insurer will offer you the best option. It’s important to do some research, research, research! Finding out what policies get you what sort of coverage and which companies offer the best insurance policy ensures your financial safety is secure.


Look out for platforms that help you find the best insurance policy for you, such as muv Insure!

They can help advise you on getting the right amount of coverage for your car and yourself. Not only that, they can also help you one step further by processing your insurance application so you needn’t worry about not being covered in time to be on the road.


Pay close attention and review the claiming policies of your selected insurance premium.

A policy you should keep an eye out for that can benefit you is a ‘No Claim Discount’ policy, which is when a discount is provided to you when you have not made any insurance clams during a specific amount of time.


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