Five mother’s day gift ideas that will make her car ride better

As the day to honour motherhood – Mother’s Day (May 12) is fast approaching, the pressure is on to find the meaningful present that showers your leading lady with so much love.

Mother deserves the best everyday and every year, so let’s treat her with one of these meaningful Mother’s Day gift ideas that she will never forget.

We have put together the ultimate Mother’s Day gifts idea that will make her car rides better! – whether you are shopping for your own mother, new mother, a grandmother, or your mother-in-law.

If your mother treat her car like her best buddy to everywhere she goes, these gifts are the best ideas to make her driving pleasurable! We are not talking about the usual car mats or backseat organisers, but something that will surely make your mom’s eyes glitter with joy.



For Mother’s Day this year, show her how much you care with a car makeover. If your mother not had the time to get the car’s windows tinted, now is the perfect time!

So bring her car to a tinting shop and get it tinted to make your mother’s everyday journey more comfortable by protecting her from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

It is so sweet that she will think of you, everytime she drives.



Are you heading out for a big family lunch on Mother’s Day? If yes, you will need something to sing along the journey with your mom.

Create a song playlist whether in a CD or thumb drive and name it with – Mother’s Day Love, Mother-Daughter Car Ride Playlist and etc, which fits the bill perfectly.

If your mother is an up-to-date person, buy her a premium song playlist mobile application to accompany her whenever she is driving. It is less than the cost of a decent flower bouquet and she will definitely love you for it!




Mother always drives everyone around. Whether it is to school, sports practice, the grocery store, or a dozens of other shops, mother is a designated chauffeur. She is just too busy to even think about cleaning her car.

Considering mom drives around in her car so often, we bet she prides herself in keeping her it nice and clean. Juice spilled into the upholstery, dirt from football practice is packed into the carpet, french fries get stuck between the seats from that quick lunch in the car and cereals from a late breakfast, no wonder her car gets to be such a mess. Who has the time to give her car a good cleaning? Definitely not mother!

It is a great time to surprise her by taking her to a professional cleaner and ask for the full premium package, everything from tyre scrubbing to paint polishing.

She won’t know herself seeing that paints shine return, not to mention the fresh smell of a clean interior that hits her every time she opens the door. So do a quick search of your nearest best car detailing today.




If your mother has a car she is been dreaming of driving for all her life, or she just wants to feel the thrill of a fast exotic car, rent it for a day and drive her to a picnic spot with your family members, to really spoil her.




Show love and appreciation by booking a personal chauffeur service for her either on an hourly basis or on a full day package to bring her to a special Mother’s Day hi-tea or a spa treatment.

From snazzy personal chauffeur service to a deep-cleanse for her car, it is easy to spoil your mother and make her feel treasured on this Mother’s Day. It is the least you can do for the gift of life she gave you.




If you have an other ideas, do tell us in the comment below & Happy Mother’s Day from MUV!

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