Four important fluid checks to do before embarking on any road trips

Travel season is once again upon us!


It has been well over a month since the announcement of the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) was announced and we Malaysians are itching to sneak in a few staycation weekends here and there; bearing safety in mind of course!


With all the excitement to hit them road trips once more, don’t forget to do your MANDATORY car checks before hitting the road!


Of course it is better to send your car in for a service prior to any long-haul drives butttt, if you can’t squeeze one in, here some fluid checks you should do before heading out. 


So pop open your car’s hood and let’s get started!


Engine Oil Levels

First and foremost, let’s talk about engine oil! Arguably the most important fluid check out of the four, because if you car’s engine oil takde, your road trip also tak jadi also hehe. 

Ideally you should check your engine oil weekly when the car is warm and on level ground. Stop the engine and wait a few minutes for the oil to settle.


Pull out the dipstick, use a rag or tissue to wipe clean and then dip it again before pulling it out to check how much engine oil there is left. Senang je! The oil level should be in between the markers seen on the dipstick. 


Coolant Fluid Levels

Next, it’s time to check your coolant levels. You’re going to be looking for radiator cap (normally it’s labelled with a sticker for indication). Now unscrew the cap and check if there is enough water in there to cool down your engine. If there is not enough, just add the sufficient amount of plain water.


Brake Fluid Levels

We gon’ keep it simple here. No brake fluid = BRAKES WON’T WORK! Normally, brake fluid doesn’t need to be topped up until your car reaches its next service date. But, better to check it to be safe. 


Windshield Washer Levels

Let’s be real: Nobody likes to drive with a dirty windshield. Look for the screw cap with the windshield indicator on it and top it off with H20. If you wanna be extra with it, you can purchase windshield soap bars online and drop one in when you need to.


If everything here checks out fine, then your fluid levels should all be A-OK for the road!

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