Get your #ootd fix

Going on a road trip? Why not get your #OOTD fix while you’re at it?

First pitstop!

Breakfast in Jenjarom town. The town is filled with authentic breakfast spots that you need to try! Just waze for Ban Siew Keng Jenjarom and should be able to get you some nice and comfy breakkie! 

After a wholesome meal in Jenjarom, head to Morib to get some Vitamin SEA!

As you drive along the journey, the scenic route along the way can totally serve as the backdrop of your #ootd session! 

Once you have arrived at Morib, chill out at the beach. You can get some really delicious seafood bakar around the area for lunch. Yummy! 

Final stop, let’s set your waze to Bukit Jugra! Bukit Jugra is a mountain peak where you will see a majestic lighthouse! Its undulating terrain and scenic views make it an excellent spot for outdoor activities such as hiking and paragliding.

Get going, get ready for your road trip with

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