Go asset-light

Is it the right strategy for your business?


If there is a lesson to be learned from this Covid-19 pandemic, it is that the old ways of investment and material ownership needs a whole new perspective.

This global crisis has shown us that holding on to assets such as business property and fleet of corporate or business-owned vehicles are a bane in a period where our businesses are rendered crippled by lockdown, quarantine, restricted movement and the plethora of Standard Operating Procedures.

Servicing property loans, paying rent and maintaining a fleet of corporate or business-owned vehicles only strains the company’s finances at a time like this. Not to mention, having to pay salaries and maintaining job security for your workforce in order to keep the wheels running for the business require some grit.

So, for you business owners out there, looking for ways to ease up your expenses strain, here’s why selling off your corporate or business-owned cars and vehicles may be the best move right now!

A fast and convenient way to liquidate company assets
At muv, we strive towards providing end-to-end solutions to individual and business customers with a fast and convenient selling process.

If your business is looking to sell off your corporate vehicles, we got you covered. From valuations, to inspections and all the necessary paperwork processes, we will have that taken-cared of for you. Just get in touch with our team and we’ll get you started with the selling process. We have various selling channels such as muvone, muvbid and also muvAuctions.


Cutting costs on non-essential company expenses
Don’t get us wrong, corporate cars can be extremely convenient; when you require your employees to travel often for work. However, maintaining them can also become a costly expense for your business.

As if buying them in the first place wasn’t a big spend, now you have to bear the continued costs of maintaining and servicing it until you, undoubtedly, have to sell them off. And let’s not forget the additional cost of car insurance and road tax on top of that! To avoid these additional company expenses: sell your cars to us jelah!


Your day-to-day operations may not necessarily require the need for cars
With some companies allowing their employees to work from home (at least until the RMCO ends), and others opting for the Team A/Team B route for employees to return to their offices, business cars may not be necessary for your team since they will not be required to be as mobile as they used to be pre-MCO.

Besides that, this also provides companies with other ways to reduce employee travel expenses such as public transport solutions, e-hailing options as well encouraging carpooling amongst co-workers.

Needless to say, all businesses, including ours, are doing their best to maintain their current structure and reduce unemployment rates within the organisation and Malaysia. By allowing us to take your business vehicles off your hands, there will definitely be more financial freedom to ensure that your business can sustain itself in this new climate.

Whatever it may be, we are now living in the New Normal. Even if a vaccine seems promising and world leaders race to shell out multitude of regulations in a bid to continue the fight against the virus.

And while this New Normal is not necessarily a bad thing, we must all come to terms that we have emerged from the 99 days of MCO and CMCO a little different. We need to reassess how we run our businesses and what are our business-driven priorities.

For more information on how muv can help you with your fleet of corporate / business-owned vehicles, you can fill in your information via our contact page at www.muv-x.com/business/

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