What to do during hari raya other than stuff your face and entertain relatives?

Raya is such a joyful festival. But all those back-t-back visits and makan-makan sure have their way of zapping the energy out of us. Whatmore, when you have overly-caring Mak Cik and Pak Cik, older cousins, jiran-jiran trying to overwhelm you with tons of questions about your love life, your job, your life etc.

Yes, pair that with your food coma after all that stuffing face movement…Excuse me, it’s just the beginning of Raya.

So chill out. Here are some things to deviate your attention and theirs! This is politely telling them you want some me-time lah!

NETFLIX-jer. Watch that series you have been putting on hold.

You know that series that you kept saying that you would watch but after that, you don’t because of THIS and THAT excuse?

“Dang, I am so exhausted after work. I don’t think I can watch it tonight”.
“I got a lunch date with my BFFs, this show can wait.”

Yes, that series. Watch that series that you have been putting on hold. Tell your relatives and friends that you’re at the most exciting part of the series and you MUST catch up. Or curiosity will just make you eat you away.


Go for some fresh air at the park/garden/stream.

Tell your relatives that in your hectic life, you hardly have the time to soak in the beauty of nature. Why not go for a brief walk, and snap some pictures for memory’s sake.

Head on out there, away from the endless supply of food and (ahem) prodding questions. Get some fresh air. It helps.


Download some games on your phone/tablet and have fun
Some of you may not be movie fanatics, but games will do! Download or search for some latest games and play them now. One of the trendy games is, “Wordle”.

Basically, that game is an online 5-letter word game. You have to guess words daily as it is different each day. You have six attempts to guess what the word of the day is.

Round up your Atuk, Mak Long, Abang jiran. Do a 4-way wordle challenge and see who scores higher!


Listening to music and zone out

Blast your favourite playlist, and pick an upbeat Raya playlist even. Just to get everyone into the mood while you let the music do the talking.


Let your ride do the talking!
Sometimes, it is best to let your car do all the talking. 

Your relatives may have a ton of questions for you about the latest deets in your life.

So instead of repeating your answers to everyone who comes along during your Raya festivities, why not deviate their attention about that great deal you got of muv?!

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