Here’s all there is to know about getting muv verified on muvbid!

Now if you’ve been paying attention (and we know you have) to our socials, press coverage and all around word of mouth, muvbid has been buzzin’ through the grapevine and just about every nook and cranny of the autoworld and beyond.

With the attention highly on muvbid recently, you can’t help but notice the gazillion perks that comes with this brand new one of a kind self-listing platform. And if you’re not necessarily an muv enthusiast, you may be wondering… What is muv Verified all about and why are people talking about it?


Well here’s what you need to know…


When a seller lists their car on muvbid, sure they can very well just list your car as it is. But if you want them bids to be coming in like hotcakes, getting your car muv Verified is just what your car needs.


Getting verified is such an EASY process. All you need to do is to call up muv to make a booking appointment for inspection, head on over to your nearest muv hub or inspection centre and then you are donezo.


A transparent report will then be displayed alongside the muv Verified badge on you muvbid car listing so that buyers will be more attracted towards bidding more and more for your car.


So if you have already listed your car on muvbid. Don’t forget to get it muv Verified at one of these locations.

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