The importance of getting your car insured

Introducing… muv Insure! 

The importance of having a motor vehicle insurance cannot be stressed enough because accidents are something we as drivers can never predict to happen but an essential (and MANDATORY) aspect we must take into account.

When it comes to purchasing insurance used cars, often times you’d have to depend on yourself to make sure that proper insurance is purchased with the right coverage. Well… muv has got you ‘covered’ with our newly-packaged muv Insure!

An essential part of purchasing the right car insurance is the coverage you receive. In cases of an accident, whether involving your car or the parties, your insurance will provide partial to full compensation depending on your insurance policy. Hence, muv would advise you to purchase a policy that is comprehensive and beneficial for either parties involved in any accidents.

With muv Insure, our team of experts will help you identify the best suited policy coverage that fits your needs and then proceed with your application process. Basically think of us as a one-stop centre for all your car needs!

For coverage beyond your basic comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policy, you can choose to purchase an extension of insurance coverage on top of your existing policy. This’ll cost you a little extra but we’ll help make sure you feel safe and secure driving on the road.

Like we said, muv is a ONE-STOP for ALL your needs because we also provide Personal Accident insurance coverage, House Owner/Holder insurance coverage and Medical insurance coverage on top of the usual car insurance policies.

How do you get insured with US??? Senang jelah!

Send in your details to and our customer service team will speak to you to assist you with the application process!

Nak tahu more info on this? Send us a message on WhatsApp via +(6)018-2088089 and we’d be happy to entertain any questions you may have.

P.S… stay tuned for next week when we dive into all things financial with muv Financing!

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