How to keep your car running in good condition

If you want to sell your car down the road and fetch the best price possible, you would need to take certain precautions and practice certain habits that can keep your car running for longer in good condition. Here are some pointers we put together to help you run your car longer.



Read the manual and follow it
A manual that has all the information you need to care for your car properly comes with every new car purchase. Refer to the manual for a guide to when regular maintenance is needed as well as how and when to change the different types of fluids. Keep the manual and pass it on to the new owner if you sell your car.


Pay attention to your car
Taking the time to inspect your car on a regular basis will help you catch if something is wrong early. Keep an eye for dents or scratches, burnt out lights and if your tires are wearing out evenly. Then look under the hood and check your hoses and lastly give your brakes a quick test. You should also be alert while driving, looking out for sounds or smells that are coming from your car. Whether it’s a clicking, squealing or grinding noise, each one has a story to tell.


Fix everything as soon as it breaks
If you are regularly checking your car for any sign of wear and tear, then be proactive and also fix the issues as soon as possible. The longer you leave them unattended the problem can escalate into something bigger and more expensive to fix.


Park your car indoors
Parking in a garage or covered area is recommended. It not only saves a car’s body from exposure to the elements, but it also spares the engine from extreme temperature changes. It will put less stress on the vehicle’s engine when it is started and requires less time for the engine to warm up.



Find a mechanic you trust
Finding a reliable mechanic and building a good relationship based on trust with the mechanic will ensure your car’s best interest is a priority. To find a good mechanic ask for recommendations or search listing platforms that have certified mechanics.


Use quality replacement parts
You don’t necessarily have to use genuine parts all the time, however having said that, don’t opt for the least expensive parts as well. Discuss the choices with your mechanic to find the best option for your car. For non-wearing parts, you can consider buying a used replacement which has the added benefit of being manufacturer quality but at an affordable price.


Unload extra weight
Unnecessary weight adds stress on your car and its engine as it has to work harder and will also kill your gas mileage, suspension, brakes, and exhaust. Whether you’re carrying heavy sports equipment, a roof rack or have modified your car to have extra fittings, all these factors can lead to additional drag that taxes your car.



Regular wheel alignments
A regular wheel alignment is an inexpensive way to increase the lifetime value of your tires. If you notice your car shaking while driving at a high speed, or if the thread of the wheels is worn off, you should get your tires checked and aligned.


Watch the brakes
Driving fast and constantly braking will cause your brakes to wear off more quickly, often noticeable from the screeching sound. Invest in new brake pads regularly instead of having to replace the whole outfit.


Keep the fluids topped up
Don’t let the essential fluids that help your car run like windshield washer fluid, engine coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid and water in the radiator run down to dangerous levels. Keeping fluids at the required level according to your car manual will not only keep it running longer but can avoid an unnecessary trip to the mechanic.


Ensure your battery connection remains strong
Often times car batteries don’t die because of time used, but more so to do with the connection to the car that becomes loose or corroded. A weak battery can be hard on your car, making it more difficult to start the car, so clean around the battery connectors to remove rust and corrosion to keep your battery strong and working for longer.


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