The ‘lorong’ is not yours, don’t block it

Have you ever driven down the ‘lorong’ to your house and had to make one big turn because some ‘makan-makan’ was happening along the street? And have you ever had to do the same thing for the whole week due to the rituals that your neighbour had to organise for a spiritual purpose?


Well, you are not alone because the whole Malaysia is dealing with the same headache every now and then. Sometimes the traffic cones are there for a house renovation and sometimes for a private wedding.



While many believe that they have the right to close the road in front of their house for a private function that will affect traffic flow or cause road closures, you are required to apply for a Temporary Closure Permit from the Kuala Lumpur City Hall to do so. After all, that ‘lorong’ in front of your house does not really belong to you.


So what functions require a Temporary Closure Permit?


According to the Urban Transportation Department, parties involved must apply for a Temporary Closure Permit that does not exceed 3 days for the following private functions:


  1. Events organised by the Ministry, government agencies, or private companies
  2. Promotions in commercial housing areas
  3. Small-scale events such as Family Day, weddings, and funerals


For more information on this, click HERE!


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