The many traffic weirdos

One hour of standstill traffic often drives people off the wall. And unconsciously over time, many have seemed to develop some peculiar habits on the road that are hard to miss. While they can be funny, they may also cause accidents. Here we have categorised some of the common suspects for you and how they may be the cause of road accidents:


The Groomer
Women doing their makeup en route to work have become the norm. And for men, it is grooming their pretentious afro. However, while multitasking comes quite naturally for some people, it is downright dangerous when both hands are not on the steering wheel and eyes not on the road.


The Nose Picker
Nose-picking can be very orgasmic. Ask any nose-pickers and they will agree. Rolling the tiny pieces into little balls is, however, very gross. And flicking it out the window is downright disgusting. This is a serious offence that may cause an accident because the driver behind you may accidentally ram into something to avoid the little balls.


The Head Banger
Driving with their earphones on and banging their head is very common especially among the youth. It is strictly not advisable, however. With music blasting through your ears, your level of concentration is immediately affected. You may cause an accident simply by missing a honk.


The Tailgater
Nobody likes being tailgated. So, do not do it to others. It is dangerous to you and others. On top of that, it will also increase your stress levels as you continually have to depress the brake. And that is not healthy for your brake. It deserves a longer life too.


The Love Doctor
While it is not very common, some do get a little handsy with each other. Holding hands and stroking each other’s hair while driving is fine. However, it would be highly appreciated by many if the tongue exercise is left for the bedroom. It is a distraction that would cause a horrific accident.


The Honker
In some part of the world, the car horn is used rather conservatively, usually during an emergency or to prevent an accident. However, it is common to come across people who let out their frustration at a stopped queue of traffic by honking for the sake of honking. The arrogance will easily lead to a fight and an accident.


It is hard to ignore these habits and unique gestures. However, our team at MUV wants you to be safe. When you are stuck in standstill traffic, resist the urge to react. Do not confront an upset driver or pull off the road unless you were involved in an accident. Better be safe than sorry.


*Photos are courtesy of Google Image Search

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