Must-haves in your car?

We all have it. Certain things we must do or die keep in our cars. What are your must-haves that you keep in your car?


Who doesn’t like snacks right? Especially when you are stuck in those long traffic  jams and your tummy is rumbling. That cereal bar or that bag of Twisties sure will come in handy.

Mints and Candies!

How many of you would agree that our breath tends to build up and smell after wearing masks for a long while? Here’s where mints and candies come in handy. And if we are going from one place to another to meet people, it is also a good practice to pop a mint, chewing gum or candy to freshen ourselves.


Extra pair of shoes

For girls, this is like a given. We all like to keep that extra pair of sandals, ballerina shoes, heels, gym shoes etc in the car. Most of the time, we girls just like to have that option of changing shoes. Just because we can. Just because we have that extra pair of shoes. JUST IN CASE.

Cardigan or jacket

Working class people (just like Admin, here) or college students will agree. Having that cardigan or light jacket in the car comes in handy for those impromptu presentations, meetings or even that last-minute decision to go catch a movie. Our outfit up-styling cannot be done without that trusted, favourite, go-to cardigan eh?

So all in all, we have these things in the car to ensure we have a smooth and comfy ride. And if you are looking to spice things up a notch, look here ( ) for your next vehicle so you can put all these do or die items in there!

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