The new normal: getting back into the groove of things

For the longest time and before March 18, 2020, Malaysians lived normal lives as it has always been. Lepak-ing at the malls (almost every weekend), watching movies, strolling in the park at sunset are some of the things that were normal. In fact, a lot of people indulge in these normal activities; almost as if it’s a routine. 


When COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, the world was forced to adapt to the new norms; in the attempt to flatten the curve with the endgame of defeating the virus. 50+ days later, Malaysia in particular is almost half-way there. With the announcement of the CMCO and extensions by the government, a lot of changes will be happening in the next few days or even weeks. A large majority rejoiced at the fact that things might go back to normal; sadly there is a new reality to the way our lives will be. 


With the new guidelines under the CMCO, most businesses are allowed to open and people are allowed to return to work. People are allowed to move more frequently as business owners begin operating with strict SOPs to ensure hygiene is of the utmost priority. This paves the way for a redefinition of a “new normal”. Handshakes are now “air high-fives or fist bumps, gatherings are restricted to less than 10 people and other guidelines that prohibit people from being in large groups. This is at the very least, efforts to maintain a flat curve on the pandemic’s evolution and win the game before it is too late. 


With all these restrictions, it does cast a sombre mood over Malaysia and its citizens far and wide, but it is indeed for the best. The pandemic caught most of us off guard. And during the lockdown period, we were relentlessly trying to make amends with the new norm. But do not take for granted the things. Today, after countless (actually can count la) weeks living in close quarters; “normal” no longer means what we could do freely, without much thought or planning, two months ago.

The new norm will be hard for most of us, but we are getting there. The silver-lining is indeed something most of us are starting to cherish. More time with our loved ones and families, more phone calls to check up on one another and more “me time” to care for self-development and self-improvement. 


The phrase “there will be light at the end of the tunnel” does strengthen the belief Malaysians have for the old normal to return as quickly as it went away. It now boils down to hardwork and cooperation to make do with the new norms, for everyone to enjoy life as we did before. 


Photo credit: Andy Teh


Just as our fellow Malaysians are getting back into the groove of things, muv will continue to help make the process smoother in every way we can.  To cap it off, here some words from muv’s Top Guy himself, Andy Teh (ahem.. our CEO lah):

“Reflecting on the sunset that greeted me after my first day back at the office, I feel that we have to part ways with the old style of doing things for the new sunrise to come.

And this only means there will be more changes and improvisation to come. muv will be here to lead changes in the used car industry and embrace the new norm.”

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