New zealand in malaysia?

Let’s go to Temiang, Negeri Sembilan! Temiang is known as the New Zealand of Malaysia! Some of the best car shots that you see on FB or IG were taken from there. The clear highway with a nice mountain view is totally worth the visit! 

After that, let’s go for a quick breakfast at Lenggeng. A must-have breakfast there is the nasi campur!

Sightseeing at Sak Dato Temple with the famous hanging suspension bridge that links to the temple. Gorgeous view to take some portrait shots! 

There is also a good place for animal-lovers. The Rabbit Fun Land where you will get to feed rabbits, meet deers, camels or even ponies. 

Last on the list is Broga Hill Park. From here, hike your way up to the 400 metres high (1,312 feet) peak because you will need to work off all that nasi campur. 


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