It is now soooo easy to sell your bike via muv!

You ded when your wife says “It’s HER or me…”



Happy wife, happy life right? And with muv, our Macha above was able to sell off his bike fast and conveniently!


It is now soooo easy to sell your bike via muv and it only takes 15 minutes to list your bike!!


Then you can immediately book your FREE DRIVE-THRU Inspection Appointment at the newly-opened muv Damansara Uptown Hub to get your bike muv Verified and muvSanitised for FREE too!!


Then, all you gotta do is wait for the bids to come on in! And they come in pretty quick we tell ya! Especially if your bike has been muv Verified!


Fast payment processing, paperwork we settle for you and you get to set the asking price some more!!


So simple kan?? Selling your bike is so easy now with muv!


Get started today! >>>


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