Part 1: is the pandemic a good reason to buy used vehicles?

Not sure about you. But for us, it feels like this pandemic has made us all re-consider our spending and financial commitment. Are you having second thoughts on purchasing and committing to a brand new car? You are not alone.

If so, have you considered going for a used car instead. There are quite a few perks when it comes to purchasing a used car.


Cost less

On average, used car prices are almost 50% lower than new cars! Also, you will be able to pay off a used car much faster than a new one and this can save you financing fees in the long run! For example, if you paid RM40,000 for a used car instead of RM90,000 for a new one, you can opt into a higher range and well-maintained model.


Less Depreciation

Brand new cars begin to depreciate(a lot!) the moment you drive them off the dealership’s lot. Basically, the moment new cars hit the road, it is buh-bye money in a blink of an eye!

Then, the car continues to depreciate as weeks, months and years pass. However, with used cars, the bulk of the depreciation has already happened and what you get is a time-tested and verified model that other car enthusiasts can attest to! Think Toyota Vios, Honda Civic!


Avoid Hidden Fees

A deal on a new car might look good, but many of them have hidden or crazy costs such as shipping fees, destination fees and dealer preparation fees. However, a used car generally has no hidden fees. Especially if you buy through muv, cos all our fees are collected up front. We are transparent like that.


Many used car is still under warranty

Some used cars still have part of their original warranty. Other used cars may have the option of creating a new warranty. An extended manufacturer warranty on a used car can provide factory trained technicians to repair your car with quality parts and speedy service. Plus, you can utilize a portion of your savings from NOT buying a new car and have a warranty that covers everything until 100,000 km or more. What new car offers that?


Furthermore, these are the things you should consider before getting a used car.


Check history of the car

If the situation allows for it, you should ask the owner why the car is being sold and this will tell you a lot about the car and whether it is a right fit for you. Alternatively, have a trusted third-party like muv and/or its partners like Lim Tayar to assess the vehicle professionally. This is so you can ascertain a reasonable bidding / buying price before coming to a final decision.


Test Drive the Vehicle

Buying privately may not give you the opportunity to do so. However, when you buy with muv, our expert consultants will take you through the vehicle you have secured via bidding on our platform You can take the car for a test drive. Put the vehicle in drive, put it in reverse, put it in neutral, listen to the gears shifting, and note any delays. The longer the delays, the worse the transmission – which can be a big cost.

Check Condition of the car

Before getting a used car, you should always check what condition the car is in. Take some time to check the exterior, interior, and underneath the hood to make sure there aren’t any major problems when you purchase it.

Worried if you have the professional eye to properly check out a used car you’re eyeing? Fret not. We have the experts lined up to help you with that. Look for muvVerified badge for listing vehicles for sale as added assurance that the vehicle has been inspected by professionals

Vehicles that have undergone the inspection will have a full report (and receive muv’s muvVerified badge) on the bidding platform providing buyers with more confidence when buying the vehicle. You can refer to the report which will provide you, the potential buyer, the assurance that the said vehicle’s condition has been inspected and verified as what the seller has declared, while indicating the current condition of the vehicle in detail.

You can do all these online on Just stay at home and we’ll settle the rest for you!

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