Places you might be missing out on in kl – within a 10km radius from the city centre

Is this your first time in Kuala Lumpur and you have no idea where to go or what to see?

Well worry not. Because there are a wide range of places in KL that are in walking/driving distance from the city centre itself to explore to help you have a better understanding of the culture in Malaysia or just to kill time with the fam this school holidays!


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Little India Brickfields
One of the first places to see is definitely to visit KL’s very own little India in Brickfields! This was originally a small and simple residential area that is just outside of KL City has become one of the busiest places. It’s has been transformed into a lively , colourful and vibrant area with floral paintings all over and pastel buildings surrounded by Indian food stalls that cater such a wide ranged and variety of bursting flavourful delicacies. Over the years, Little India in Brickfields has become a trademark and hotspot for tourist from all over.



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National Monument in Kuala Lumpur
Another must visit place would be the National Monument in Kuala Lumpur which is located just 50 meters along Jalan Taming Sari near the northern end of the Lake Gardens on Jalan Parlimen. The monument s about 15 meters in height and is completely made of bronze. This monument is so far the world’s tallest freestanding bronze sculpture grouping of seven soldiers standing and supporting their fallen comrades was designed by Felix de Weldon whom is the same noteworthy designer who worked on the Iwo Jima Memorial in Washington DC. This monument was built in honour of those 11,000 people whom had lost their lives during the First World War which comprised of the Japanese and the Malayan Emergency. From this monument you will also be able to see the marvellous Parliament House which was built in the 1966. The each figure from seven soldiers on the monument represents a quality each: courage, leadership, sacrifice, strength, suffering, unity and vigilance. This is definitely a place worth visiting as there is so much history behind this monument.



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National museum Kuala Lumpur
The National Museum of Kuala Lumpur is a perfect place to visit if you are interested in learning the cultural backgrounds in Malaysia. The museum is located near the southern tip of the Lake Gardens, past the National Art Gallery. The museum’s structure is very traditional with a Minangkabau-style roofing and an entrance flanked by two large murals of Italian glass mosaic that portray the country’s major historical events and cultural activities. The National Museum’s original collection of artworks was razed during a World War II bombing. The museum also has life- sized dioramas of ritual weddings, traditional Malaysian life place in a kampung setting and even the Malay circumcision ceremony and practice. The museum also adds a hint of the prosaic to the mix with a section dedicated to the Malay art of Wayang Kulit which is wonderful as those whom visit not only learn about the cultural part but also the artistic part of the Malay culture.



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National Planetarium Kuala Lumpur
The National Planetarium Kuala Lumpur is a great place to go if you’re looking to enjoy the sciences of the world, something that is beneficial for everyone from all ages and backgrounds. The planetarium is dedicated to all things related to science and astronomy, its a perfect place that is fun and educational place for not just kids but also adults to learn about the planet and universe. The building is topped by a blue dome that easily visible from nearby roads. To make things more exciting, the main entrance is evocative of a teleport chamber which leads into a series of halls containing two planetariums that have interactive exhibits (touch-screen interactive computers and hands-on experiments) plus a Space Theatre. It’s a perfect place for a day of fun and wonder!

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