Quick weekend drives for foodlovers

The best spots to visit just a stone’s throw away. 

Hands up high if you’re one of those peeps who’d travel kilometres just for some GOOD TASTING FOOD!


We here at muv feel ya when it comes to taking foodie trips with your friends on the weekend. But with no long weekends in sight, and everyone busy prepping for the year’s end at work, you may be thinking those trips are not feasible.


Well who says you gotta even travel THAT far away from KL City for a feast for all your senses. Everything you need to satisfy your foodie needs is in Bentong!


Lemang Toki

If you’ve got that sudden craving for mouth-watering lemang but it’s not really Raya yet, this is the place for you. Located just along the main road in Bentong (Jalan Tras), this place is an easy find, all you need to look for are these cluster of huts that make up the Lemang Toki stalls and the mecca of bikes parked just outside the area – this joint is a hotspot for long distance bikers. Did we forget to mention that at RM5 a plate, these lemangs are a STEAL!


Kow Po Ice Cream House

It’s not a FOODIE trip, if there isn’t a little dessert on the itinerary. Dubbed as Bentong’s famous Kow Po Ice Cream House, this joint is well-known for its freshly homemade ice cream that has attracted visitors from all across the nation, flocking in store just to savour the classic and signature taste of Kow Po Ice Cream House. You can choose from a variety of ice cream flavours such as chocolate, coffee, banana, peanut, vanilla and strawberry. All made from FRESH ingredients grown locally. Some may even say the taste of the flavours are just TOO real for your taste buds!


Kopi and Kraf

Last but certainly not least on your Weekend Foodie Adventure, is Kopi and Kraf. After all that lemang and rendang followed by those scoops of ice cream, you’re gonna need to wash it all down with a thirst quencher like no other, and the ambience will surely leave you craving jungle fever even more. This coffee place is a must-visit in Janda Baik on the way back to Kuala Lumpur making it an opportune visit at the end of your trip. Specializing in South American grounds, the coffee beans used here ain’t like your plain ole’ Arabica. They pack a punch and a pretty great value!


Now we’re not saying you HAVE to visit these aforementioned places in THIS order but, TRUST US when we say that the trip is all worthwhile when you kick things off with Lemang Toki and end the road trip with Kopi and Kraf. 


Now if this isn’t food paradise, then we don’t know what is…

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