Raya long weekend is over, but fret not, there are quite a few more looonnngggg weekends coming up!

Malaysia is known for many good things and not-so-good-things. But let’s focus on the best part about working and studying in Malaysia – PUBLIC HOLIDAYS!!

We are easily one of the countries with the most public holidays. Partly, thanks to the diversity and cultural camaraderie we have here in Malaysia.

Across all races and ethnicities, we celebrate each other’s New Years and festivities!

And this year, 2022, is the year, where most of these holidays and festivities fall on weekends or over long weekends.

Labour Day (May 1) and Hari Raya Aidilfitri (May 2 and 3).

This was a 5-day stretch of holidays, if you count the Saturday (April 30) all the way through to May 4 as a replacement for Labour Day.

So what did you do? Did you take the opportunity to go cuti-cuti? Did you fly to London (literally the farthest place you can go with a direct flight out of Malaysia)?

Or did you just stay in KL, do nothing but eat, sleep, laze, repeat?

Wesak Day (May 15) – Beach Holiday!!

After that 5-day stretch of Labour Day and Hari Raya Aidilfitri, in less than 2 weeks, we have another long weekend which spans from May 14 to 16 because Wesak Day falls on a Sunday!

While this is a shorter stretch, it is still a long weekend. For those of you with the outstanding Annual Leave to burn, why not check off the Friday before or the Tuesday after to stretch this long weekend into a longer weekend?

That trip to Pulau Redang is calling you. That clear sunny vibe, that beautiful beach, those azure waters and lazy days lounging around with the sea breeze charging you up on Vitamin Sea is sure to re-energise your pandemic weary mind.

Agong’s Birthday (June 6) – Go up to the highlands for free air-co

Here’s another 3 day weekend coming up in less than 2 weeks after the Wesak Day long weekend. And for this short break, why not head up to the Highlands for a cooling break. It’s literally free air-con.

There’s that new theme park in Genting Highlands. There is Burgers & Lobsters. There are Premium Outlets to nip that shopping bug in you. All that is but a 45 minutes drive from  KL.

More long weekends to come!

With so many holidays coming up, such as Hari Raya Haji, Awal Muharram, Merdeka Day, Malaysia Day, Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday, Deepavali, Christmas and not to mention all those other state holidays we have in place, Malaysians can really enjoy all the well-deserved time off!

And for those of you who are not too keen to fly out of Malaysia yet, look up all the sights and routes Peninsular Malaysia has to offer. Remember to also check out your next set of wheels  at https://www.muv-x.com/

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