How to remove scooby’s hair from your car

If you own a cat or a dog – and you name it Scooby – you are bound to clean your car seats more often than others. That can be laborious and we know exactly how you feel. To help you ease the painstaking process, here we share with you some tips on…


How to GET RID OF Scooby’s hair from your car

LINT ROLLERS are a good way of removing pet hair from clothes but they are not as effective in cars, especially for fur buried deep in carpets. You can easily get one from IKEA.



For a quick, inexpensive lint roller substitute, however, take the DUCT TAPE and roll it around your hand; press it against fabric and carpet to lift surface pet hair away.


Use a pair of RUBBER GLOVES and water for even more electrifying results. Wearing rubber gloves, spray your upholstery lightly with water and sweep vigorously with your gloved hands – pet hair should collect on your fingertips.


A WIRE BRUSH is a cheap handy tool used to remove those hard to get, stubborn strands of pet hair. And this is often the end-step of the cleaning process to ensure that they have all traces of pet hair and debris is removed. You can get this from any hardware store. When was the last time you visited HARVEY NORMAN?



SPRAY and WIPE. Mix a few teaspoons of fabric softener with water and lightly spray your upholstery with the mixture. Wipe with paper towel and leave your upholstery to dry. Proceed to vacuuming up any leftover once it is dry.


Many VACUUMS have small rubber bristled brush attachments specifically designed for collecting hair. The rubber brushes work in the same way that the balloon and rubber gloves do by harnessing the power of static electricity to help remove pet hair.


Blow up a BALLOON and make some static. Static electricity attracts pet hair, so take an inflated balloon and rub it on your car upholstery to help lift away the pet hair.



And, how do you PREVENT it?

Give Scooby’s coat a good BRUSH out before getting into the car. An extra brushing will remove excess hair that would otherwise end up lodged in your car’s carpets. Note that the type of brush you use may also make a difference to how much fur it collects.


Buy a SEAT COVER for your car. They keep Scooby’s hair off your car seats and can be easily removed, washed and stored until the next time you want to take Scooby for a road trip again. You can get one even from LAZADA.



Keep your pets contained when they are travelling in a car. HARNESS them in transit. Not only will using a crate for travel reduce your car’s exposure to its hair and other pet-related dirt and smells but it will also keep Scooby safer during travel.


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