Repo auctions now every thursdays!

And here’s how it works!

When one thinks about repo cars, there seems to be a bit of grey cloud that hovers over the general perception towards repo cars and purchasing them. ‘Repo cars’ don’t necessarily mean these cars were abandoned or can no longer be used on the road. Think of repo cars as preloved vehicles that long for a better home, and that home could be yours!


When you participate in muv’s Repo Car Auctions, you can be sure that our team have taken the extra measures of safety and transparency in an effort to lessen your worries about purchasing a repo car. (Psstt….. this includes our 90 point inspection….)


Not only that, the entire process from registering for the auction, auction bidding and right down to the final release of your car, has been made easy with muv! Check it out below!


Process of purchase a repo car:

1) Register yourself with an NRIC picture and pay a deposit of RM1,600 per car a day before the auction day (if plan to bid 2 cars, need to pay RM3,200)
2) Bid and win the car – participate our Repo auction on every Thursday at 12pm
3) MUV auction team will email you the COS (certificate of sales) or MOC once you have won a repo car from the auction
4) You will need to reach out to PIC stated in COS to arrange for balance payment and collection of Vehicle Release Letter.


Wanna know more about our Repo Auctions?? Visit us online at or give us a WhatsApp at (6)018-208 8089 or better yet! Come on over to your nearest muv Hub!

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