Selling your car via muvbid – kenali siti

I think by this time kan, you all semua mesti dah pernah dengar tentang muvbid right?? Well for those you tak sure lagi apa tu muvbid, muvbid is Malaysia largest and FIRST 24/7 Self-Listing Vehicle Bidding Platform!

Maksudnya, dengan muvbid ni, kalau korang nak beli kereta ke, you guys can bid for any car of your choice and at any time.. And if you guys nak jual kereta pula, cara dia senang je!

I’m sure usually when our parents ask us to do something, we will always find the BEST and CONVENIENT way to get things done that benefits our own individual interest and our parents! Tapi kadang-kadang, parents pun can get a bit hard to convince, amirite??

Well, that was the case for Si Siti ni, when she was trying to convince her mum about selling her car through bidding via muvbid. And as we all can attest to, mum’s can be very hard to convince sometimes. But, somehow, Siti managed to pull it off.

And it doesn’t hard that muvbid is one of the easiest and most convenient platforms to list your car on!

Find our how she does it below and then you can be on your way towards listing your car on muvbid perhaps??


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