It’s time to get to know your engine oil, girls!

It takes fuel to make an engine run, but it takes oil to keep it alive.

To girls out there, do you know which engine oil you should use for your car? Whether you use conventional, synthetic or mineral, the engine oil you choose will determine your car life span.


FOUR Types of Engine Oil and When You Should Use Them:

Picking engine oil is not as easy as selecting between RON95 and RON97. It is as difficult as how you choose your lipstick colour to a dinner date or to your office. Well, we can relate! 😀

Don’t worry girls, and boys who are reading this. We are here to help you choose the right engine oil!



Mineral oils are obtained and refined from nature. It is dug up from the ground and processed at a refinery to make it usable.

When to use it: During the first service of your new car. After you drive around 1000km or 3 months, or whichever comes first.



Fully synthetic oils are mineral oil base. It is chemically engineered to be more stable at optimum temperatures and able to gain higher mileage compared to mineral oils. Typically, it has additives to keep the oil cleaner for a longer period of time.

When to use it: By the second service session, you can opt for the fully synthetic oil, depending on your budget (prices might get a little on the high side) and the engine oil compatibility of your car – whether it can only accept synthetic or semi-synthetic oil.



Semi-synthetic oils are a hybrid of mineral and fully synthetic oils. It is at most, 30% fully synthetic oil added to mineral oil and was created to reap the many benefits that fully synthetic oils give without spending too much money, as fully synthetic oils can be quite expensive.

When to use it: Most modern cars should have no problems changing between synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral oils because they are mineral oils base. Semi-synthetic oils is sufficient for you if you are on a tight budget.



High-mileage oils are specially formulated for older vehicles, or new vehicles with over 100,000 km on the odometer. High-mileage oils, with a special blend additives and formulation, helps to reduce burn-off of engine oil and concurrently helps to prevent oil leaks that may occur in older or high-mileage engines.

When to use it: Well, the name explains itself . When your car mileage reaches, 120,000 km, or reached the optimum age, that is when you should consider using high mileage oil. So you can keep the engine going for longer and minimise any potential engine problem that may arise.


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