Timetravel of our national car (2/3)

YEAR 2000 -WAJA 

The Proton Waja design was based on the Mitsubishi Carisma models. It was also sold in the United Kingdom as Proton Impian, which annotates the word dream. The Proton Waja was also first and only Proton car to be officially crash tested by the Euro NCAP.

Trivia: Waja was officially used in Iran as a Taxis.


YEAR 2002 – ARENA 

The Proton Arena was Proton’s first utility vehicle, where its design was based on Proton’s Waja. According to Europe’s Euro 2, The Proton Arena was also known to provide good power and fuel efficiency in its drive.

Trivia: Anyone knows the difference of all three variants of the Proton Arena which are The Freestyle, The Sportdeck and The Fastback?


YEAR 2005 – SAVVY 

Introducing the successor of Proton Tiara – Proton Savvy which powered by Renault D-Type engine. The hatchback Savvy’s exterior design was designed in-house by Proton featuring a clamshell bonnet for air ventilation.

Trivia: The Savvy is also recognized in the Malaysian Book of Records as the most fuel-efficient car in Malaysia, during an on-road test by Proton.



To celebrate the 10th years (or was it 11th year) of Malaysia’s 1st 3-door hatchback car, the Satria evolved and therefore, the NEO was relaunched. A small amount of 25 units of Proton Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing was also introduced at the price of RM115,000.00

Trivia: The Satria Neo was only the car to be sold in Japan.



Initially known as the Proton Wira (1st generation), the Proton Persona was unveiled based on the Proton Gen-2 platform and was sold as a compliment to the Proton Gen-2 hatchbacks. The best-seller for Proton also sold over 40,000 units annually prior to the launch of Proton Preve.

Trivia: It is the Proton model to use the ‘Persona’ nameplate in its home market.

*Photos are courtesy of Google Image Search. 

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